This Master Planned Community brilliantly blends hundreds of homes with open spaces, parks, trails, commercial and yes, golf courses.

The walkability in this neighborhood is incomparable.  The convenient location is impossible to beat.  Best of all, the area that surrounds Meridian Campus is Amazing!!

I have been a local resident of Lacey since 1992.  I attended public school here, grew up here and have chosen to make this area my home.  I can help you decide which neighborhood is best for you to live in with the  confidence of someone who has been around each of these blocks, many, many times.  Whether it is Meridian Campus you should choose or another location in this growing and vibrant city I can help you make the best choices along the way.

Meridian Campus is in and of itself one of the best things Lacey has to offer, but there is more that you can enjoy in this area.

Living in Lacey

Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater are the three neighboring cities that make up the tri-city area we know and love.  There are so many things to do and see between these three that you may never need to venture too far again, but in case you feel the urge to drive a bit farther here are some places you won’t want to miss…

    • Tacoma
    • Seattle
    • Vancouver
    • Portland
    • Ocean Beaches
    • Mt. Rainier
    • Mt. St. Helens